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Created in 1970 by Christian Latouche, its founder and current Chairman, FIDUCIAL has developed through an uninterrupted external growth dynamic for over 50 years. Today, it is the leader in multidisciplinary services for small businesses, craftsmen, shopkeepers, the liberal professions and farmers. 
FIDUCIAL is consolidating its historical businesses and acquiring new ones. As a result, career opportunities within our firm are numerous and varied in the fields of law, auditing and statutory auditing, chartered accountancy, banking and financial consulting, real estate, IT, security and office equipment.

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Our values

Our commitment to working closely with men and women has always been part of our values: it is guided by the current challenges of climate change and the digitalization of processes.
Our strategy

Through its multidisciplinary approach and its proximity to very small businesses, FIDUCIAL is a key player in the local economy. It is with responsibility, ethics and expertise that our employees have been helping their clients and partners to build a better world tomorrow
We also strive to protect biodiversity and the environment through our partnership with EcoMégot, by installing beehives on our roofs or by investing in renewable energy. 

CSR at FIDUCIAL also involves concrete, daily actions by our teams! They are made aware of the environmental cause through the Mobility Challenge and World Clean-up Day, or of solidarity through our partnership with Cravate Solidaire.

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Fiducial Portugal

Fiducial Informatica
78 Manuel de Almeida Passos 
4705-159 BRAGA
Ferreiros, Braga

Our Career Development Strategy

Our business lines are many and very different... we are sure that your talents are just as varied! Your know-how and interpersonal skills are essential to enable our team to continue to grow, with the commitment and unique proximity that bind our teams to our customers. By their side, we grow every day, sharing our experiences, our challenges, to realize together the projects of tomorrow.
Whether you are an intern, a student on a work-study program, a recent graduate or an experienced expert, we offer you careers in our various businesses throughout France... and even abroad! Do you recognize yourself in our values? You may be one click away from sharing our story.


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