What is a Shared Service Centre (SSC)?

Shared Services Centers are increasingly becoming an essential means of bundling teams with differing expertise into one central location. Since a company’s core activities are typically administered by one main body, it is possible to achieve greater efficiency and results with a shared service center model, not only for the benefit of the business but also for employees who are able to work collaboratively and across disciplines.

A centre of excellence

The benefits of a Shared Services Center range from streamlining business infrastructure to enriching the working environment due to variety and diversity within tasks, fields, administration and workforce.

A Shared Services Center brings together the following core disciplines at all levels of expertise:

The main goal of adopted an SSC model is to boost the success of our clients’ business and offering employees the chance to add value through their combined knowledge.

Work for a Shared Services Centre in Portugal

Working in a SSC environment means making a visible impact on the operations of a business. Professionals relocating from overseas are encouraged to develop their skills within the fast-growing number of shared services centers located all over Portugal. Our consultants are constantly seeking new promising candidates who are demonstrating willingness to build their careers in prestigious and successful companies.

Once chosen, a consultant would guide a candidate destined for an SSC through all steps of the recruitment process. Meanwhile, the new employer’s role is one of support, giving candidates the strongest possible start in their new exciting new job.

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