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About us

We are the only company that has managed to develop small-scale anaerobic digestion technology that can be applied in cities, next to, or even inside buildings. Delivered to site ready to plug-and-play, the Flexibuster safely turns food or other organic waste into useful and valuable energy while eliminating the costs of transport and disposal of organic waste elsewhere.

Office culture

SEaB is headquartered in London, UK, with a distributed (remote working) team, and activities throughout the UK, Americas, Europe, and Asia. SEaB also has a US-based subsidiary in New York City.


Career development

We are scaling our business globally, and we are looking for excellent people that can scale with us. If you can step up to the challenge and thrive outside of your comfort zone, we need you to join us on this incredible journey.

Our employees

SEaB Energy's diverse, multi-lingual and multinational team combines the engineering experience, academic background and entrepreneurial mindset to make the company's flagship product, the Flexibuster, a global success.

Our brand values

Our mission is to develop and commercialise circular economy technologies to turn organic waste into energy, water and fertiliser exactly at the point where the waste is produced, and the energy is required.

Our people

Sandra Sassow

CEO and Co-founder

Sandra is an award-winning entrepreneur with a proven track record in launching innovative product companies. Sandra holds a BSc in Biology and MS in Computer Science. Her successes have led her to become a key figure in green tech innovation and a role model for women in business and STEM. Her achievements in these positions have been recognized by numerous awards, press coverage and speaking engagements.

Nick Sassow

CTO and Co-founder

Nick is the inventor of SEaB’s technology and has a background in developing pioneering strategy for energy companies.

Graeme Allen

Head of Engineering

Graeme joined SEaB in 2013 and has successfully managed our projects from the design, prototype and manufacturing stages through to commissioning. He has a first-class honours degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and a Masters in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship. Graeme is based in Porto, Portugal.

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