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About our company

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Founded in 2007, Akuo is a fast-growing independent producer of renewable and distributed energy with operations in some 20 countries around the world. Find more here: or check out our corporate vídeo!

The Group is handling the entire value chain of its project: development, financing, construction and operation of solar, wind and storage power plants. Since its creation, Akuo has been promoting a decentralized and sustainable energy model in order to meet the needs of territories, by developing the first Agrinergie® power plants (called "agrivoltaic") in 2011, which combine renewable energy production with sustainable agriculture.

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Brand Values

Activists by nature, we share 5 main values:

  • Integrity: we take transparency seriously!
  • Sharing: the strength of our collective is mutual learning and experience.
  • Audacity: the revolution will not happen without every effort, so let's dream and dare to make it happen!
  • Inspiration: Akuo has paved the way in the sector through its exemplary conduct and creativity.
  • Sustainability: each solution designed must guarantee that its operation will be sustainable.

Fınd out more about us on our site.

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About our employees

As a producer of electricity from renewable energy sources, we represent a broad spectrum of professions in some twenty countries, resulting in amazing diversity in everyday conversations and interactions.

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About office culture

Akuo is fortunate to be located in pleasant premises designed to provide our staff with a work environment enabling them to thrive and ensuring their well-being and safety. We are committed to guaranteeing living spaces where staff can share these moments with their colleagues in a friendly atmosphere, a prerequisite for team cohesion and each person’s well-being at work. To know more, follow us on Twitter.

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Career Development

As Akuo operates across the entire value chain of renewable energy generation and with several technologies, we offer an array of jobs and diversified career paths. The key to career advancement is simple: be daring and have confidence in yourself. While some positions require specific qualifications, Akuo offers many opportunities for people who want to train or who come from different backgrounds.

With operations in some 20 countries on five continents, Akuo can offer staff both international positions and fast career advancement with more responsibilities, for those who so wish. The specificity of developing power plants creates opportunities for missions abroad, from a few months to a few years. But only when that’s necessary, naturally. At Akuo, we above all give priority to local employment and we value the knowledge and expertise of people from the regions in which the Group is established.

Do you want to know more about working with us? Watch the testimony of Pablo Cervo, Project Finance Analyst at Akuo.

Our Location

R. Vítor Cordon 37, 1200-129 Lisbon, Portugal