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Meeting tomorrow’s demand

How we are building a world-class global agri-business committed to providing the food the world needs in a responsible way.


A global agri-business with a clear vision, strong values and a positive culture.

With almost 12,000 people in 35 countries, COFCO International is the overseas agriculture business platform for COFCO Corporation, China's largest food and agriculture company.


A different kind of global agri-business COFCO International is focused on being the leader in the global grains, oilseeds and sugar supply chains, with assets across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We trade with over 50 nations, while providing farmers unique direct access to the growing Chinese market.

COFCO International Story

We are building COFCO International to be a leading global agri-business. In the past five years we have made two significant acquisitions: Noble Agri and Nidera. While some of our peers have been established for centuries, we are creating a leading global player in a fraction of that time. But that doesn’t change our commitment to doing things responsibly, sustainably and by taking a long-term view.

Supply chain

COFCO International supplies agriculture products around the world through our globally integrated supply chain, originating from surplus producing regions to supply regions with high demand.